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Radar Project


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Radar is a long-range object detection system that uses radio waves to establish specific parameters of the object, such as distance and position. Radar technology is used in airplanes, missiles, marine, weather forecasts, and automobiles. With the ability to detec position, velocity, azimuth and elevation angle, radar now-a-days are used in commercial sector as well in obtaining weather information, elderly care, automobile sector in self driving cars.

With increase in the usage of radar in commercial sector, the research and development of radar and its application has been increasing. Universities are now giving importance to radar development. However, development of radar in itself is a very tedious process and can keep you awake for nights. If you are amongst those who are struggling to get their assignments and projects in radar done, you have come to the right place.

Our team at campuswork has good experience in radar. With their experience in radar modelling in simulink, MATLAB, LABVIEW, hardware, we can help you with your projects. We also provide thesis writing, IEEE paper and journal writing services and tutoring services as well. From designing CW radar to UWB radar to MIMO radar and through wall detection, we can help you in any type of radar projects and assignments.

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