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LabVIEW (Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Engineering Workbench) is a graphical programming environment developed by National Instruments (NI), which allows high- level or system-level designs. It uses a graphical programming language to create so- called Virtual Instruments (VI) blocks in an intuitive flowchart-like manner. A design is achieved by integrating different components or subsystems within a graphical framework. LabVIEW provides data acquisition, analysis, and visualization features well suited for communication, linear algebra, fuzz logic, image processing, DSP system- level design, and robotics. It is also an open environment accommodating C and MATLAB code as well.

The widely available graphical programming environments such as LabVIEW have now reached the level of maturity that allow students and engineers to design and analyze systems with ease and in a relatively shorter time as compared to C and MATLAB. It has been observed that many students taking different lab courses like DSP in particular, often struggle and spend a fair amount of their time debugging C and MATLAB code instead of placing their efforts into understanding signal processing system design issues. Labview solves that problem by adopting a graphical programming approach instead of the traditional and commonly used text-based programming approach in DSP lab courses. Therefore more and more universities are now adopting labview in their courses. Labview also allows hardware integration as well like USRP, Arduino, PXI cable to understand the working with hardware as well.

The graphical approach also allows non–‐programmers to build programs simply by dragging and dropping virtual representations of lab equipment with which they are already familiar. For complex algorithms or large–‐scale code, it is important that the programmer possess an extensive knowledge of the special LabVIEW syntax and the topology of its memory management. The most advanced LabVIEW development systems offer the possibility of building stand–‐alone applications.

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